EP11 | Linda Wilmott | Independent Hostel Owner

When the opportunity came for Linda Wilmott to leave her well established career in the civil service, she jumped at the chance. Her organisation were offering Voluntary Exit packages, and having got to a point of high stress and dissatisfaction with her job, she knew it was time for a BIG change. At the age of 47 she left the security of a career with nothing else to go to.

Linda applied for a voluntary role with Stirling Youth Hostel for six weeks, and in that time, she was inspired to try something new. She was already a keen hiker and loved the outdoor life. So after speaking with her partner and sister, she decided that buying a Youth Hostel would be her next step. 

With no experience of hospitality previously (and lots of Googling), Linda, her partner and sister clubbed together to buy a hostel together in the heart of Cumbria.

7 years later, she is still managing the Alston Youth Hostel and despite the long hours, she has no regrets about changing her life.

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