EP9 | Louise Dumayne | Living in the Yukon Wilderness

Louise Dumayne lived in London and worked as an actor all her professional life.

In 2012, aged 42, she made the life-changing decision to fulfil a childhood dream of moving to the Alaskan Wilderness.

She now lives with her husband in the Canadian Yukon at their extremely remote, off-road, off-grid log cabin.

In 2017, they featured in the Channel 4 series “Escape to the Wild”.

Her short story, The Bear, was published in Words and Women IV (Unthank Books) and she’s currently working on a novel based in The Yukon.

You can follow Louise’s Yukon adventures here:

Instagram: https://instagram.com/yukonbushlife

Blog: http://yukonbushlife.blogspot.com


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