We’ve launched an exciting new Podcast!

During lockdown with nowhere to go and not so much to do (apart from being parents to Ollie), we decided to start a podcast!


We’ve got a little YouTube channel and thought for a while about interviewing Ali’s sister, Ellie. Ellie has made some bold moves in life and we thought it would be fun to get her to talk about her experiences. We took the plunge and really enjoyed the discussion with her. That led to us getting the idea to create a podcast!


We decided to call our podcast ‘Living Life Differently‘. This was a motto that we spoke about for ourselves a few years ago. Fed up with living in the rat race, we decided that we needed more adventure in our lives and began looking at ways to live life differently!


Ellie featured in our first episode where she spoke about her move from the UK to France to live and work. She also features in episode three where she talks about another exciting move from France to Portugal! After speaking with Ellie, we were motivated to find other women who have some great stories to tell. We wanted to find women who were living differently to ‘the norm’. This might be by living in alternative accommodation, by earning money away from a traditional 9 to 5 job, or by living a completely alternative lifestyle.

Episode two features a woman called Helen Dainty, also known as Hels on Wheels. We met Helen a few years ago when we hosted her during an epic round-UK cycle adventure that she was on. She is now over 50,000km into a full time cycling lifestyle and lives on just 100 Australian dollars per week (about £56).

We continue to interview AMAZING women from across the world so make sure you take a listen as they’re inspiring stories!


You can listen on your favourite music streaming service, or directly via our website. Either way, all the links you need can be found here.

If you like what you hear, it would be great if you could share our podcast with your friends and family so that we can reach even more people.

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