Two Wheels to Chamonix; 767 miles of blood, sweat and gears



Thinking about doing a long distance bike ride? Ever wondered what it takes to ride an old bike a really long way? Find out more in The MahoJo’s first book; Two Wheels to Chamonix!

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When Ali Mahoney accepted that it was time to retire from sport, she decided that she couldn’t give up completely. Instead, she devised a cycling adventure that would stretch her to the limit, both mentally and physically.

Could she pedal from South Wales to Chamonix at the age of 42, on a 25-year old mountain bike and with very little fitness or experience? The answer is wrapped up in this account of her two-wheeled adventure.

Find out how the journey was planned, what she did to get to the starting line (her doorstep), and how she managed (and didn’t manage) with setbacks and challenges along the way.

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