5 Amazing Advent Calendars For A Happy Christmas!

If you’re thinking that it’s too early to start thinking about Christmas, then you’re right. It’s 82 days from today, but who’s counting?!

One of our favourite things about Christmas is getting a lovely advent calendar. Traditionally, we go for the chocolate kind and it’s always Cadbury’s (other chocolate brands are available). Have you noticed the growing trend in ‘alternative’ advent calendars? Have you received one? Was it any good?


Here are 5 of the best that we’ve noticed so far.

What’s the first film you think of when it comes to Christmas? Home Alone? Elf? Die Hard? Well for all the Die Hard fans out there, you’ll be pleased to know that someone has invented a Die Hard advent calendar! Available on Etsy, this version is made from wood with a magnetic villain (Hans Gruber) falling ‘up’ Nakatomi Plaza.

On the plus side, it’s very inventive. On the down side, it’s £56 and there’s no treats inside!


Since we live in Wales we thought we’d give a shout out to the incredible Welsh Cheese Company and their fantastic GIANT advent calendar. This triangle shaped whopper is packed with 24 individual truckles of artisan Welsh cheese from 7 different cheesemakers. Cheese-tastic!

On the plus side, if you like cheese then you’ll be impressed with this one. On the down side, it’ll set you back £164.


The popular Brewdog brewery have got into the Christmas spirit and launched their own advent calendar. Packed inside their brightly coloured box, you’ll get 24 different beers and a glass too. With names like ‘Albino Squid Assasin’ (7.4% ABV) you’ll definitely be treated to something different with each door that you open!

On the plus side, 24 beers from the same brewery is epic, and all for a festively fair price of £59.95. On the down side, if you don’t like all types of beer you might not be a super fan.


Here’s another shout out to a Welsh business, introducing the Wickedly Welsh Chocolate Advent Calendar! Based in Pembrokeshire, Wickedly Welsh pride themselves on sourcing local ingredients and use sustainably sourced chocolate. Filled with their deliciously decadent chocolates, this advent calendar is a lovely sweet treat.

On the up side, it’s priced reasonably at £19.99 – on the down side, there isn’t one – it’s a chocolate advent calendar! Winner all the way.


If you’d like to spice up your Christmas by doing a few science experiments in between roasting the turkey, then check this out. Brought to you by ‘The Purple Cow’ and available on Amazon, the ‘Shocking Science’ calendar is something completely different. Every day is a different challenge – great for entertainment and for learning.

On the plus side, this is really quirky and gives both kids and adults something different to do on Christmas Day. On the down side there’s only a few reviews on Amazon but it does look good!


Does this list make you want to try something new? Or will you be sticking to your traditional chocolate treat? Let us know what your favourite is! We’ll be tucking into a Cadbury’s favourite and Ollie already has a Paw Patrol advent calendar tucked away for 1st December. Merry Christmas!!

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