5 reasons to go and watch the film ‘Maiden’

Thirty years ago, a crew of female sailors took on a round the world yacht race. Against all odds and many barriers, they had an incredible and awe-inspiring adventure…

At the time that a band of women entered the Whitbread Round the World Yacht Race for the very first time, Amy and I were both children. I have a vague memory of people being excited about a yacht race, but I had no idea of the significance of it until now…

Last night we went along to the Chapter Arts Centre in Cardiff to catch ‘Maiden’ and it blew us away. Here are just 5 reasons to go and watch it:

1. It’s a life lesson in determination

When someone told Skipper Tracy Edwards that she couldn’t sail in the race, she didn’t take no for an answer. She was so determined that she pulled an all-female crew together. It wasn’t that easy though. They had to buy a boat, fix the boat, find sponsors, all which took many years. Without a huge amount of determination they wouldn’t have even made it to the start line…let alone compete in the race.

2. These women smashed barriers

If you think that women are having a tough time in various sports today, it’s not a patch on what these women had to face. They were ridiculed by the media and faced all sorts of criticism based on their gender. Basically, people thought they wouldn’t even finish the first leg.

3. There’s original footage from 30 years ago

The movie is a fantastic mix of recent interviews with the original crew, plus some incredible original footage. It’s a great blend of old and new. The crew are fascinating to listen to.

4. It will make you think (and cry)

It’s definitely a thought-provoking movie which has made us think ‘why are women still facing these barriers all these years later?’. And yes, it will probably make you cry so take a tissue or two.

5. You will be totally inspired

This movie is inspirational. There’s no other word for it. Go and see it at a local screening near you. Check out the trailer for a bit of a taste…

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