Banff Mountain Film Festival – Cardiff

Have you heard of Banff before? It’s a Canadian town situated under the shadow of the Rocky mountains and is famed for it’s iconic range of mountain sports.

Now they have an annual mountain film festival that is shown across the globe, including various locations across the UK. We first came across the event a couple of years ago and were blown away by the selection of films on offer.

When we saw dates advertised for Cardiff in February, we quickly booked our tickets. St David’s Hall hosted the event and showed the ‘Red’ programme of films. At each event, there was a choice of either the Red or Blue programme so you could pick which set of films you wanted to see.

We were treated to 7 films, each with a different theme, but all related some how to the mountains. You can see the Red programme here. Some of them were truly inspirational and featured hikers, cyclists, runners, skiers and snowboarders.

The event was great value for money, but was a long night for a school night. It kicked off at 730pm and finished around 3 hours later.

Our favourite film was ‘This Mountain Life’; a story about a mother and daughter who traversed a route across the high mountains of British Colombia. Check out the trailer for a little taste of the action…

If you love outdoor adventure then keep an eye out for future dates at the Banff Mountain Film Festival. You might also like to check out their ‘sister’ event which is the Ocean Film Festival. Happy adventuring!

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