Guess the baby’s weight and date!

Do you want to get involved in a little competition? What do you think our baby’s weight and due date will be?

You’re pregnant?

Just incase you missed the news, we found out that Amy was pregnant on New Years Eve 2019. Since then, we’ve been busy making plans for the arrival of the little one. Not long to go now!

Get guessing!

Step 1: View the live form below to see what dates and weights are left to choose (scroll left, right, up and down to see all options) – don’t try to enter any data on it!

We’ll give you a hint; the predicted due date is Thursday 3rd September.

Step 2: Use this link to add your guesses to the list

Rules: Only one entry per person and one name per date or weight

There will be a prize for the two winners!

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