Storm Dennis and Pontypridd Floods

In the early hours of 16th February 2020 the River Taf in Pontypridd flooded. No-one expected the river to flood in the way it did.

Over 1000+ homes and businesses were affected when the river rose to a new record height of 5.5 metres at around 5am. We knew things were going bad when the river flooded into the street at 2:30am.

Just past 4am we were hastily tying our car onto a metal fence to stop it from washing away. Luckily, our home wasn’t affected. But many of our neighbours were.

Storm Ciara the week before, closely followed by Storm Dennis, brought an incredible amount of rain to the area. With the ground already saturated, there was nowhere else for the rain to go except down river.

Watch our short video to see how the events unfolded:

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