Support during Amy’s pregnancy

Hey! So as you know, Amy and I are pregnant and our little dude is expected to pop out somewhere around 3rd September 2020.

There’s a big chance that I might not be able to attend the hospital when Amy is admitted due to the ongoing Coronavirus Pandemic. That means she might be flying solo until the last moment.

So…I’ve come up with a little plan and I hope that you might like to get involved. But this is SECRET so please don’t say anything to her!

I’m putting together a list of personal messages and playlist of songs that she can use when the going gets tough – either pre-hospital or in hospital.

I would LOVE for you to use the little widget below to do two things:

  1. Record a short personal message of support – don’t forget to say who you are!
  2. Suggest a song that she should listen to – this could be ANYTHING! Maybe something baby related or upbeat – totally up to you!
  3. Don’t worry if you mess up your first message as you can re-record it

Deadline: 31st July – this will give me plenty of time stitch together all the personal messages and songs.

Once you’ve left your message, it will auto-send to me…thanks in advance!

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