Two Wheels to Chamonix

Hey! It’s Ali here with some news…Two Wheels to Chamonix is a book that I’ve started which catalogues my journey from our home in South Wales to my sister’s home in the French Alps by bike. Inspired by speakers at the first ever Women’s Adventure Expo, I had the seed of an idea for a long distance bike ride. Within 7 months, I was doing it.

Some might call it a midlife crisis, but for me, cycling over 700 miles to Chamonix was a way for me to deal with my impending retirement from competitive sport…

“Think you can, think you can’t? You’re probably right. It’s amazing what you can achieve if you approach a big scary goal with a positive mindset” – The MahoJos

Writing a book about it is another adventure. Where do I start? Will it be any good? Will anyone even want to read it? Who knows. It’s a work in progress and I can’t wait to launch it in the next couple of months. We’ll keep you posted with updates!

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