We’ve joined a house sitting website!

In the middle of the 2020 Coronavirus Pandemic, and with nowhere to go, we’ve joined a house sitting website. Why? Read on!

Planning for the future

When the lockdown restrictions of 2020 are eventually lifted, we can’t wait to get travelling again. Our plans to go and watch Le Tour de France this year are ruined, but we’re already looking forward to new adventures through house sitting.

Doing a good deed

We’ve done some house sitting for friends in the past and have really enjoyed the experience. The people that we’ve helped have got pets, so rather than put them into kennels or find a pet sitter, they asked us to house sit. It was great for us as it meant that we got a little break in a different community and could do a good deed by looking after their pet. Also, they were confident that their house was nice and secure whilst they were away.

Affordable Travel

Before the pandemic hit, we were looking into house sitting opportunities as a way to experience affordable travel. We’ve used lots of different options before, including Air BnB, hotels, guest houses, clamping, camping, campervanning. But, these all come at a price – and a hefty price if you want to go in ‘peak’ seasons. House sitting offers the chance to stay at some incredible properties for an extremely low cost.

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Trusted Community

When we were asked to house sit for our friends, we felt very trusted. Not only were we looking after their animals, but we were also looking after their house. By joining a house sitting website, you become part of a trusted community and it’s a big responsibility. The house sitting community that we’ve joined takes security very seriously. That’s why you’ll be asked to provide different evidence to show that you are who you say you are! That way, home owners can be confident that they’re opening up their homes to trusted people.

Experience different places

One thing we’re looking forward to as new house sitters is the chance to experience different places. Rather than be drawn to the more ‘touristy’ communities, we can’t wait to visit houses in towns and villages that we wouldn’t normally visit.

Find out more

Sound interesting? Maybe you’d like to join a house sitting website for similar reasons to us. Or maybe you’d like someone to sit your house / pets for you? (get in touch!) Either way, joining a house sitting website can help.

Our choice

We’ve chosen to join the team of house sitters at HouseSitMatch. We love how they provide personal guidance to house sitters and home owners. We also like how affordable it is to join (annual membership) and the range of house sitting opportunities available. See below for a great introductory offer. We can’t wait to get started!

Housesit Match

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